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Due to our hobby (scuba-diving), we learned that  O-rings for SCUBA diving are either expensive or bad in quality in Thailand. Therefore we decided to offer them in FKM (also called Viton which is the trademark of DuPont Dow's) shore 90.

O-rings made of FKM are the preferred choice for oxygen and nitrox compatibility in SCUBA diving applications. FKM is an elastomer with excellent oil and oxygen resistance at high and low temperatures, very good chemical resistance. Even for use with ordinary air, most experts agree that FKM O-rings outperform common Nitrile O-rings.

Our O-rings are imported from USA and have a guaranteed shelf life of 20 years. They are conform to US military standard MIL-R-83248, Type 1, Class 2; AMS7259 and AMS7279 and to the EC directive 1999/92/ED,94/9/EC, RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC. Certificates Of Conformance are available on request.

AS568B- Outside Diameter

SCUBA Application Seal

214 1-1/4 Cylinder with Large Neck/Valve
(3/4 NPS - All Aluminum, most Steel cylinders)
15 0.45
116 15/16 Cylinder with Small Neck/Valve
(7/8 UNF - "Genesis" 3500 psi Steel cylinders)
10 0.30
112 11/16 Standard DIN Regulator/Valve
(Nearly all DIN regulators)
10 0.30
111 5/8 Small DIN Regulator/Valve
(You know if you need this one)
10 0.30
015 11/16 Cylinder Valve Bonnet Nut 10 0.30
014 5/8 Standard Yoke Regulator/K-valve 10 0.30
013 9/16 Large Low-Pressure Port/Hose (1/2 UNF) 10 0.30
012 1/2 High-Pressure Port/Hose (7/16 UNF)
Manifold and Manifold Port Plugs
10 0.30
011 7/16 Standard Low-Pressure Port/Hose (3/8 UNF) 10 0.30
010 3/8 Low-Pressure Hose/2nd Stage Regulator
Cylinder Valve Stem
10 0.30
003 3/16 High-Pressure Hose/SPG swivel 5 0.15

Customer comments:
1) From Werner, PADI-instructor at the Dive Center in Chumphon Thailand (Webpage:, Email: after several month of testing:

"I still can't tell how long these O-rings will work, due to the fact all still look like brand new."

Interested? Just drop us an email or give us a call: +66 2 8063035