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Merkel Seals Freudenberg Simrit Seals

Merkel Simrit Freudenberg, together in the Freudenberg Group is a high quality German Seal producer. The prices are high, but at true German quality it is worth it. The costs of a seal is marginal in compare with all the other costs of repairing a hydraulic. So why not take the best.

We are official dealer and buy direct from the German headquater, so we can ensure that our product is genuine and not aged. We don't keep much on stock, so you never risk to get a product that is already 10 years on stock, but instead it may happen that we need 1-2 weeks to get a new shipment.

Merkel/Simrit have thier pricing, the price brakes are usually 5, 20, 100, 500 pcs.

If you think such a high price product is an overkill for your old floor jack, visit our normal standard seal product range or just drop us an email at . We are always ready to help and give technical advise. And keep in mind, everything that you can't find can still be produced within 1 day on our CNC lathes.

Overview of the available profils (list is not complete, for others please just drop us an email).
Rod Seals
Piston Seals
Guide Rings
Rotating Seals

Brochures (in pdf format):
Fluid Power-Catalog (also includes Pneumatic)
Simmerring and Rotary Seals Catalog

or visit the producers webpage at