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Everyone knows the problem: Repair a hydraulic but the seal looks odd, or there is no stock available. Of course companies like SKF-Economos, DMH (Seal-Master) or Seal-Maker and many others can produce them in perfect quality and within a day as special seals. But the price will be very high. The raw material prices aren't high, but the machine must be set, the tools must be adjusted, that costs time and specialised labor is expensive. Also there is a lot of waste.

Our target is to offer these seals at the same, or almost same price as standard seals.


How can we reach that target?

  • We produce similar seals on the same machines and prepare the software setup on separate computers, that reduces the time for producing a single seal from over 20 minutes to 5 min or less.

  • All our staff works on SealJet Machines (trademark SKF-Economos) since years and produce the least possible waste of material.

  • We try to stock all available sizes of raw material to reduce waste (which is also environment friendly) (All our materials are from Seal-Maker).

  • We permanent upgrade our production machines to the latest technology, which increase machining speed and quality

  • We don't waste money on beautiful offices, marketing or nice sales guys. You contact direct with our technician who also quote the prices and schedule the production.


But how about quality?

  • Our machines and software are from SKF-Economos, the company with the longest experience on machined seals.

  • Our raw materials are only from Seal-Maker in Austria (no cheap Chinese replacements) and of course ISO 9000 certified.

  • Our machining tolerances are lower than suggested from the machine producer

  • All our staff works for years with us and are personally responsible for the quality. We are proud to tell that we didn't had a single seal rejected by our customer.


But you are happy with your current source?

  • My bet is: we can offer it at lower cost at the same or better quality. I bet 10 USD, if you can proof that someone can beat us I send you 10 USD per Paypal, that is my bet.

Email me your needs to and we answer in not longer than 8 hours.